We understand that love is in the details, which is why our mission is to provide expecting mothers with a memorable experience that you will treasure for years to come.  As professionally trained, Certified Technologists, our objective is to create a warm, cozy, and comfortable environment for you and your family to come and share these special moments as you get to know your baby.  We welcome you to our studio during any part of your pregnancy, beginning at 8 weeks.

We have a large, spacious viewing room featuring a 70” television with comfortable seating for all to enjoy! For family who is further away we offer a Live Streaming service so that they are able to view your session from anywhere around the world.  Our facility uses one of the most advanced Ultrasound imaging systems by GE.

In addition to offering state-of-the-art 3D/4D technology, we also offer HD Live!  HD Live is a high definition technology that delivers clear, realistic pictures and movements of your baby.  During your scan you will hear your baby’s heartbeat, you may see them kick, smile, yawn, or suck their thumb!

We offer several different packages as well as A La Cart items to meet your individual needs.  Come visit us to watch your little one BLOOM!


Of all the things I have accomplished in my life, the most gratifying of all has been giving birth to three beautiful children.  

Being a mother is loving and knowing a precious soul before you ever see it. Being a mother is a gift that never ends and possessing a love that never dies. A mother is the best thing that I have ever become, the greatest love I have ever felt and the best part about being me. “They” are my inspiration behind Blooming Baby 4D!