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Blooming Baby 3D/4D Ultrasound Imaging and Belly Casting

What is Belly Casting?

A pregnant belly cast is a plaster cast made of moms pregnant belly capturing her exact shape. Belly casts give you a tangible 3D sculpture and enable a mom to forever remember how she looked during her pregnancy. It also gives the child a chance to see what you looked like when they were inside of your belly.

Why Belly Casting?

Having a baby is an amazing and memorable moment. Preserving the size and shape of your belly provides lifelong memories plastered to last a lifetime. Use the belly cast as a prop for newborn pictures or hang them on your nursery wall for years to come.

After the cast is molded it needs at least 24 hours to fully dry. Feel free to invite your closest friends and family to be apart of the plastering process to make lasting memories while bonding with mom and baby.

There is really no limitation, however, we recommend a belly cast be made between 30 and 38 weeks of pregnancy.

You can wear something comfortable and preferably old since it may be ruined during the casting process.

Castings are made on bare skin or an old bra may be worn. Wearing a bra will give you added lift and support. For the lower part of your body, you can wear a pair of old panties, boy shorts, or jogging pants.

Basic Casting $75

Basic Casting w/hand placement $100