Prenatal Massage Therapy

At Blooming Baby your comfort and contentment are our top priorities.   We want you to feel this as soon as you walk into the door.  As an expectant mother you are experiencing unique physical and emotional changes. Your skeletal structure now supports a rapidly increasing amount of weight.  Your organs shift to accommodate the baby; you are going through significant emotional and psychological changes as you adjust to new hormonal levels.

The purpose of regular massage work during pregnancy is to stretch and relax overworked and shortened muscles that have tightened to protect the joints.  The joints lose their integrity due to a hormone called relaxin which allows the uterus to stretch, but relaxin also softens the tendons and ligaments.  The hip and pelvic area is especially affected. Other specific issues include low back pain, sore hips, headaches, carpel tunnel syndrome, and cramping in the calves.  All of these are individually addressed during a prenatal massage.  Another purpose of a regular massage is to increase circulation; the baby benefits too from this increase.

The goal of a prenatal massage is to maximize comfort throughout the pregnancy and to help maintain ease of movement in walking.

Blooming Baby’s Silver Massage Package

Full body massage done with a cushion system designed to support you and help you relax.

60-minutes:  85

Package of Five (60-minutes):  375

Blooming Baby’s Gold Massage Package

Full body massage with extra time to relax

90-minutes:  105

Package of Five (90-minutes):  475

Blooming Baby’s Platinum Massage Package

Full body massage with leg and foot treatment

60-minutes:  135

Package of Five (60-minutes):  625

Blooming’s Preconception Massage

Are you trying to become pregnant? This massage therapy can help the conception process by breaking up adhesions and increasing pelvic blood supply. It can assist in reducing stress and cortisol levels, which reduce the likelihood of a miscarriage.

Research shows that the pregnancy rate for women who are treated with massage techniques prior to their next in vitro fertilization be 63% higher than those not treated with massage therapy.

60-minutes: 75

Package of Five (60-minutes): 325

Blooming’s Postpartum Massage

Designed for the new mother after pregnancy, with healing and restoration as the focus which can be effective for relieving postpartum depression.

60-minutes: 85

Package of Five (60-minutes): 375

Blooming’s Preconception Massage

Basic 30-minute Massage: 45

Dad’s 60-minute Back Massage: 75