Pregnancy/Due Date Calculator: When? How? Where?

Pregnancy Calculator: When? Where? How?

Have you been wondering, “How pregnant am I?” or “How far along am I?”

Don’t know your due date?  Pregnancy can be detected via pregnancy tests, which can detect your hormone level.  Although blood tests are more accurate, urine tests can detect pregnancy from 12 to 15 days after fertilization. 

Human gestation is the same for everyone.  It takes about 38 weeks from the ay of conception to the day that you deliver your baby.  Very few moms know the exact date that they conceived.  So, without knowing the exact day of conception, how does anyone determine a due date?  Most doctors estimate by simply counting from the first day of your last period. 

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Your doctor may change your due date if they believe that it’s off target.  Your baby will be measured during your first ultrasound exam, and if your baby is bigger or smaller than would be reasonable given your due date, then you’ll likely be given a new due date.

In short, a due date is always an approximate calculation.  1 in 20 women actually deliver on their due date.